A machine made print of an image or artwork – usually from a digital source. Giclee comes from the French word meaning “to spray or to spurt”. A giclee print is not a hand made print. It tends to be associated with the reproduction of art works produced in another medium, such as painting.





A specified number of identical prints making up the edition made from the same plate or plates also utilising the same paper and ink combinations, usually marked on the print 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 etc.







Chine colle

Chine Colle is the process of applying thin paper to a print – this can be coloured or previously printed – it is often over printed with the image during printing.









The art of the ETCHER. The action of the ETCH.

A copy or print produced by etching the surface (of a metal plate) with acid to enable the incised plate to hold ink. A print is made from the metal plate normally onto dampened paper.

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