Original Print

An original print is produced when an artist creates a new image by working with one (or more) of the printmaking media. Unlike a reproduction, where an original painting is photographed and then mechanically printed en-mass resulting in what is essentially a poster, as per giclee print, not an original print.





An embossed logo or device which represents the artist and is used to authenticate the artists work.
From now on look for the “M” to represent my prints when in edition.






A design or logo which is formed in a sheet of paper when it is being manufactured. It can be seen when the paper is held up to the light as an impression in the paper.








Monoprint or monotype – a one off image or unique print created using any of the various printmaking techniques.







Using a sharp pointed needle or similar tool to engrave (without acid) a metal plate. These engraved marks have edges or burrs which(when printed)give a drypoint print its characteristic velvety edges.

Published by PJM

Paul Musgrove Artist . Printmaker . Glassmaker Modern & Contemporary Art @ Gallery TEN Edinburgh