NEW prints for 2017

After a considerable break from making prints I have managed to get back into production over the last few months. Mostly due to creating a set of new prints for a forth coming exhibition in Orkney. Based around Orkney Stone Tools this suite of three drypoint etchings all have some context with stone tools. More […]

Glossary II

Giclee A machine made print of an image or artwork – usually from a digital source. Giclee comes from the French word meaning “to spray or to spurt”. A giclee print is not a hand made print. It tends to be associated with the reproduction of art works produced in another medium, such as painting.   […]

Glossary I

 Original Print An original print is produced when an artist creates a new image by working with one (or more) of the printmaking media. Unlike a reproduction, where an original painting is photographed and then mechanically printed en-mass resulting in what is essentially a poster, as per giclee print, not an original print.     […]

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions under which prints are purchased from this site and forwarded to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries concerning any of the following. Terms and Conditions The print you ordered may be returned within the first 7 working days following delivery for […]

Thank you for buying an original print

Thank you for purchasing an original print.  I hope you enjoy owning and appreciating it. When you take the print from the cardboard delivery tube please handle it with care – please use two hands to hold the print – this avoids thumb marks being made in the paper – and make sure you have […]