Hello World!

I’ve just rediscovered my personal website and rebooted it.

It is a work in progress, and as I get to grips with the shiny new tools, I hope to display recent and archive works.

The Collectors Axes – part II

To complete the suite of works made for the “Conversations with magic stones” exhibition here are the last of the glass axes in their respective boxes. Each box has been restored, relined and had bespoke linings made for each axe inside. They form part of “The Collectors Axes” now showing in the Orkney Museum at Tankerness House, Kirkwall. Exhibition runs until the 30th of Spetember. Further exhibits can be seen at The Pier Arts and Stromness Museum in Stromness.

The Collectors Axes

This work forms part of “The Collectors Axes” it is housed in a vintage wooden box made from mahogany.

The box has the name of ‘Mathiesons of Edinburgh’ printed on the inside of the lid. Mathieson was a tool makers, specialising in plane and edge tools, established in 1792, they had workshops in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

By coincidence their workshop in Edinburgh was named “Paul’s Works”.

So this piece I have titled “Mathieson & Son – Tool Maker” and is a cast bronze axe copy of a flint axe.

Which is a blade tool of sorts!

Orkney - StoneTools - Working Stone

Orkney Stone Tools

Another part of the Orkney Project comes to completion today with the delivery of a series of bronze axes which have been cast from moulds of flint axes – so looks like a flint axe but made from bronze! These will become part of a work titled “The Collectors Axes” which comprise works in glass and bronze. Further information about the project from their website.

Axe - Stone Tools - Orkney - Orkneystonetools