Orkney Axe Project

Another new set of prints for the “Orkney Stone Tools” project. These are all based on archival material from a variety of sources, all connected with the project.

Some museum imagery, some site drawing, photography and autographic layers, all combining to create a single image.

Hopefully giving a sense of the multi-layered contextual quality of the archaeology and the associated objects found within it.

NEW prints for 2017

After a considerable break from making prints I have managed to get back into production over the last few months. Mostly due to creating a set of new prints for a forth coming exhibition in Orkney. Based around Orkney Stone Tools this suite of three drypoint etchings all have some context with stone tools. More information about the project titled “Working Stone, Making Communities” can be found on the website.

Ryedale Folk Museum – A Hidden Landscape

New solo show at the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton-le-Hole is now open. The exhibition titled “A Hidden Landscape” runs till the 21st of July. This is the first time I have shown both print and glass works alongside each other in this way and I am pleased with the results. They both seem to benefit from each others company! There is also information on  https://thelrc.wordpress.com/